For over a year, I was having severe left back pain that affected my daily routine. My medical doctor performed several tests to determine the cause of this pain, but the outcome was unsuccessful. My doctor then arranged for physical therapy which was ineffective. Next, the doctor referred me to an orthopedic doctor specializing in back problems. This doctor directed me to a pain management doctor who treated me with medication. After undergoing all these treatment options, I was extremely frustrated because there was no significant change in my pain level. A friend recommended Dr. Timothy Vyrostek at Lakeside Chiropractic to me. I was uneasy about going to a chiropractor, but my pain was so severe that I decided to give Dr. Vyrostek a try. At my first appointment, an evaluation analysis was completed on me. After reviewing these test results, the doctor felt he could help me. It required several sessions in the beginning of my treatment, but I finally started feeling relief from the pain through the techniques “Doc” used. I continue to see Dr. Vyrostek on a monthly maintenance schedule. The doctor and staff at Lakeside Chiropractic have always been couteous, informative, and helpful during each visit. I would highly recommend Dr. Vyrostek to anyone considering chiropractic treatment

– Virginia

The daily spasms that I experienced were debilitating. Most days getting out of bed and dressing were most difficult. I tried two other forms of chiropractic manipulation with no success. A friend of ours told us about Dr. Tim and the Sigma Instruments machine that used resonant percussive impulses. Desperate for any relief, I made an appointment with Dr. Tim. Katherine did a thorough testing by computer analysis of measuring the joint mobility of my vertebra in addition to measuring my range of motion. Upon evaluating the results Dr. Tim assured me he could help restore my movement and greatly alleviate the intense pain of the muscle spams that altered my quality of life. After the first session I noticed a great difference in my mobility. As the sessions continued there has been great success and finally I am able to live a normal life. I am so thankful for Dr. Tim’s vast knowledge and skill of the Sigma Instruments methods. Armed with this technology I believe he is able to help those patients like myself that are not always able to withstand other forms of chiropractic manipulation.

– Tonja B.

Dear Dr. Tim

I felt the need to drop you a note to thank you for taking the extra time with my daughter, and adding me to your already full schedule, last evening. It is, unfortunately, rare to find a professional for whom patient care comes first. I have never had a doubt that for you, the care and well being of your patients is the driving force of your practice.

I just wanted you to know that I appreciate the changes you made in your schedule to accomadate us. As well as the exceptional care you always provide.

Thanks again,

– Regina

I was very apprehensive about coming to a chiropractor. I had heard so many stories about people who have had to go back every week for months. I just dont have that kind of time. But, I was very frustrated with the pain I was experiencing in my neck, which in turn was creating terrible headaches. I needed to do something.

A friend of mine told me about Dr. Vyrostek-also known as Dr. Tim. I decided that I needed to give him a try. I am thankful to Dr. Tim for helping me. He “listened” to me. He helped me to understand why I was having trouble with my neck. Then he “explained” to me what procedure he was going to use before he used it, and that if i was not comfortable with it, he would stop.

After only seven visits, I feel like a new person. I can do simple movements now without any trouble, whereas before coming to Dr. Tim, these same movements couldnt occur at all or without pain. The staff at Lakeside Chiropraqctic is very friendly and courteous, and they helped to make each visit even nicer.

Thank you so much,


– Tricia O.

I am writing to encourage everyone to consider chiropractic work by Dr. Tim. I had lived with pain in my lower back, hips, knees, and legs for many years. I just toughed it out and got so used to it that as I grew older, I just blamed it on my aging. In January, I was in so much pain that I was limping. I decided that I was not going to get better and was unable to exercise, so I came in for treatments. After several weeks of regular manipulations, I began to feel alot better. I decided to come back once a month for regular maintenance! After about two months,one day I was walking with my daughter at Woodcock when I realized that I did not have pain anywhere in my body!!!

I highly recommend keeping healthy by regular visits. I am able to exercise, am in better general health and even have begun to lose wight. Dont wait until you hurt! Keep up your health by regular visits!!!!


– Dottie L.